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The Story of Guy Fox History Project

On 23rd March 2000, Kourtney Harper received a letter from the Peabody Trust, which notified her that her application for a Leaders for London Millennium Grant had been successful. Woohoo! You see, Kourtney had had this vision, as far back as 1998, to create a cartoon character who would educate children about London's culture, art and heritage. She had this crazy idea to create an illustrated magazine for local children, and she had an even crazier idea that the magazine would be FREE . In January 2000, she saw an ad in the newspaper:  "Do you have an idea that would benefit your local community?"  (" Yes, I do!' she said to herself. ) "Do you require funding to make your idea a reality?" (" Sure. That would be really good." ) The ad said, " Contact the Peabody Trust to discuss your idea. " So Kourtney contacted the Peabody Trust to discuss her idea. A nice lady named Manjeet Edwards helped her fill in the appli