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Kings & Queens of England (poem)

Pious Edward the Confessor Built Westminster Abbey, yes sir. But he did not, that saintly Ed, Appoint a King when he was dead. Harold and Wills both wanted the crown, So William brought his team to town. At Hastings, they battled, mob against mob. William conquered and demanded the job.
Squashing rebels, wielding his power. The Domesday Book and London's Tower: William I did all these things And fathered two of England's kings. William II, the redheaded one, Then Henry I, William's other son. Then Stephen and Matilda, like a boxing bout, Fought for the crown, 'til Stephen knocked her out.
When Stephen died (such a shame, boo hoo!), Matilda's son was crowned 'Henry Two'. He reformed the Law, but Thomas Becket Opposed the King and tried to wreck it. The careless words that Henry bade Caused Thomas Becket to be slayed. You should hear that tale — it's gory! But that, my friends, is a different story!
Back to our Kings and Queens for now: The first Richard, …