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City of London (poem)

In Year 43, the folks from Rome Decided to call 'Londinium' home.
They settled on a site on a hill near a river In a place that’s so cold, it caused them to shiver.
They built loads of roads and a temple or two. They built and they built, but before they were through,
Queen Boudicca attacked and left thousands dead! But the Romans survived it, because they all fled.
The Romans built a wall after that episode To keep out invaders and to protect their gold.
Around Year 400, the Romans left – every single one! They must’ve missed the Italian sun!
Next into town, the Anglo-Saxons came And decided ‘Lundenwic’ would be the new name.
In 851, the Danes rowed into town And burnt the City right to the ground!
Those Vikings attacked, in battle after battle Which caused London Bridge to shake and to rattle.
Of course, as you know, London Bridge did fall down, And then 'Lundenburgh' became the name of this town.