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Tower Bridge (Part 2)

First, they built the Towers
The steel for the towers was made by William Arrol and Company in Scotland, and it was shipped to London and brought up the river on barges.

There wasn't much space to store equipment and materials, so the steel was brought up the river when it was needed. Crews of workers set about 200 rivets per day – by hand. There are two million rivets in Tower Bridge – so you can do the math.The work took a long time!

Slowly but surely, the steelwork rose from the Thames like a huge black skeleton. Each tower had four steel pillars. The two pillars on the land-side of the tower would support the suspension chains, while the river-side pillars would support the high level walkways.

When the structure was in place, workers built the Walkways.
When the pillars were finished, workers started building the high level walkways. They worked 46 metres above the river, without safety nets!

Boats would pass below them, so workers ha…